By Angela Davis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you don’t have to drive in it or try to navigate icy sidewalks, fresh snowfall is a gift.

Many children out of class Monday for the Presidents Day holiday were spending time on their skis and snowboards.

At Como Ski Center in St. Paul, visitors welcomed a fresh coat of snow, even if it came with a layer of ice.

Ski instructor Andy Scheid encouraged the kids to dig in.

“Oh yeah. People love winter,” he said. “Snow is what makes Minnesota strong.”

At Mount Como, children could be seen gleefully grabbing on the tow rope. After reaching the top of the hill, they made their way down the best they could.

Three-year-old Cooper was enjoying his first time on skis, even though conditions were a little icy.

“It was a first time ski so I have to be proud,” Cooper’s mother, Tura Hallblade, said. “He kept his pizza slice so that was good.”

But not everyone had time to have fun in the snow.

Some folks had to work on their windshields and windows before heading in to work.

“It’s just a lot more to scrape… a lot more work,” said Daniel Gonzales of St. Paul. “When it is just snow, it’s a lot easier, with the ice you spend an extra 15 to 20 minutes just clearing it.”

The drive in to work Monday was tricky for many in the Twin Cities, as freezing rain was falling and sticking to the windshield wipers.

Getting on and off ramps required a much slower than usual approach.


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