By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis music landmark says construction is really shaking things up for customers.

The Electric Fetus is on the corner of Franklin Avenue and 35W in Minneapolis.

But reconstruction of the Franklin Avenue Bridge comes right up to its front door, making it difficult for customers to get there.

“Our slogan ‘Find It At The Fetus’ has morphed into ‘Find The Fetus,'” said co-owner Aaron Meyerring.

He said sales are down about 20 percent because of construction, and the bridge work is not expected to be done until June.

(credit: CBS)

And in April, construction on 4th Street will begin right in front of the store.

“Our big concerns there is, you know, at least right now we have both accesses open to our parking lot, both on 4th Avenue and Franklin Avenue,” Meyerring said. “When they start construction on 4th, are we going to lose access here at some point?”

April is a big month for the Fetus, which is when big crowds are expected for Record Store Day. There are also a handful of celebrations to honor Prince.

June 10 is the store’s 50th anniversary.

Meyerring said at one point, 15,000 cars a day passed by his store to cross the Franklin Bridge.

He hopes people still find a way to get to the store, which promises to sell you everything you don’t need — but you want.

Meyerring said they are thankful for loyal customers who keep stopping in to buy their tunes.

Reg Chapman