By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Whether people on the road are ready or not, pothole season has arrived in Minnesota. The recent snowfall, coupled with warmer days and the melting of snow, creates the perfect recipe for potholes.

“This lovely pothole right there,” driver Kaylynn Rashche points out.

Rashche is all too familiar with the pothole outside her St. Paul home.

“It is absolutely earthshaking. It hits the bottom of your car, it tilts your wheel you lose control,” Rashche said.

It hit her bottom line. She needed to have her muffler fixed for $175.

Drivers admit the stretch of Lexington from Grand to Goodrich is notorious for forming craters.

“I try to avoid them basically. I popped a tire last year I did so this year I’m being a little more careful,” driver Tanya Sale said.

“Potholes are a pain for everyone whether you’re walking driving or riding a bike,” Lisa Hiebert with St. Paul Public Works said.

Crews fill potholes in the capitol city after people report them. Hieibert said teams proactively patrol and fill holes they come across this time of year.

“The roads move, and with that we get cracks in the asphalt and they start to fill up with water then at night it freezes and expands,” Hiebert said.

Across the river in Minneapolis hubcaps are scattered on the side of Excelsior Boulevard near Abbott, all thanks to a pesky pothole.

“It’s a big one and I’ve hit it multiple times,” said one driver.

The city of Minneapolis put what’s called a cold patch on the pothole. It’s a temporary fix that could last a few days, weeks or longer. They have to wait until the weather warms up to make a more permanent fix.

“I didn’t quite divot as much like I did all week actually so hopefully they make a better fix,” driver Mandi Pederson said.

To report a pothole in Minneapolis, call 311 or go to Here’s where to file a claim:

To report a pothole in St. Paul, call 651-266-9700 or email You can also file a report online.


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