MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton unveiled a $21-million safety plan for preventing school shootings.

The Democratic governor is also asking lawmakers to pass a series of gun restrictions, including age restrictions for assault rifles.

There is a detailed plan, and it’s the latest response at the State Capitol after the school shootings in Florida.

The governor says at least 21 threats have been made against Minnesota schools since those shootings.

He wants schools to have extra money for security, like bulletproof glass and secured entrances.

But he is putting extra emphasis on mental health — including support for expelled students — and more money for school-based mental health programs.

“One failure is catastrophic,” Dayton said. “On the streets, one failure is catastrophic. So we have a big task to try to identify people before they commit these terrible acts, and get them the help they need.”

Separately, Dayton is proposing gun control measures like:

* Universal background checks

* Bumpstock ban

* 21-year-old age limit to buy assault rifles

* And “Red Flag” laws to help families go to court and get guns removed from loved ones who may pose a threat

It is important to note that Dayton is not linking the gun control bills to school safety.

There is a lot of support for school safety bills. Gun control measures are extremely divisive at the legislature and unlikely to pass.