MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools and police are calling for an end to Nerf Wars after increasing problems during the school day.

Prior Lake High School Principal John Bezek says the popular game has been largely taking place outside of school, but has now become a serious problem during the school day.

“Together with Savage and Prior Lake Police, we want you to know that this game has become dangerous and, for the safety of all students, we are calling for a stop to Nerf Wars,” Bezek said.

Bezek says, due to the game, the school has seen physical confrontation in the parking lot, reckless driving with students speeding in neighborhoods, threats on social media, students skipping school and constant texting and threats related to the game.

In Nerf Wars, students try to tag each other after or before school with foam bullets, and the last one standing wins a cash pot.

The games can take place in a variety of locations, like parks or homes, but the most dangerous way has been while driving.

In 2015, two Lakeville students — Johnny Price and Jake Flynn — lost their lives in a car crash while playing.

See the entire statement below:

  1. Maybe the DFL is making public schools a little too political and the kids are obviously mocking the school.

    Tone down the liberal politics too!

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