ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Twin Cities high school is under fire for a controversial award given out at a team banquet.

LaToya Turk was at the banquet Monday where she says her daughter, a sophomore, was given a piece of a hair weave as part of a gag award from the captains of the girls varsity basketball team.

“I saw my child drop her head and she was completely humiliated,” Turk said. “Everyone was laughing, I was humiliated and so was my child.”

Turk said the awards were part of gag gifts given out by the team captains for the end of the season.

One who liked to sing got a microphone. Another player who couldn’t drive got a toy car. After Turk’s daughter received the hair piece, the two got up and left early.

“This is not the first time we’ve had an incident that could be deemed discrimination, racism, or bullying,” Turk said.

Turk says Roseville is a diverse school and that other parents have shared stories of racist behavior.

“There’s a corner of the building where they say the students of color hang out and they call it Compton’s corner.”

Turk says she hasn’t heard from the coaches or captains, but was told by the principal there will be an investigation into the incident.

The district responded to WCCO’s request for comment with a statement saying in part:

“Roseville Area High School and Roseville Area Schools as a whole are fully committed to ensuring an equitable and safe learning environment for all students. Based upon state statute, RAHS has procedures in place to address any allegations of racism and/or bullying.”

“There is a culture at this school that definitely needs to be addressed,” Turk said.

Comments (3)
  1. This mankind and has been going on since the dawn Teach her to take the HIGH road!and teach her how to BAKE and love her friends and sew and Iron her clothes sweep and mop the floors and perhaps she won’t end up bitter and all alone with CATS! Love Miss. Samantha

    1. Gina Kelly says:

      Samantha, hat does that even mean? Are you saying what these team captains did was okay and the Turk’s daughter should just take the high road as in get over it? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is the very reason this continues to happen in these schools because people are not held accountable and are told to take the high road. Why does she need to learn to bake, clean, and iron clothes…she already knows how to do those things, she is a very articulate young lady who is very humble and comes from a great family. Even if she did not know how to “keep house” why is it okay to give someone hair weave what was that premises of it. She didn’t say you wanted to be a hair stylist, and as the mother said this is not incident she has had with these students, this is ongoing and it is down right bullying!!!! She will not end up bitter, she will continue to be strong and stand for what is right.

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