By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This year’s April snowfall is keeping the Minnesota Twins on their toes. It’s supposed to snow as much as eight inches in the Cities before Thursday’s opener.

So, how do the Twins get Target Field ready? Good Question.

“We need the snow to get here and get out,” says Larry Divito, head Twins groundskeeper.

Each year, the team builds in an extra day, just in case they have to postpone the home opener. They don’t plan on using that day this year.

The field’s heating system means the grass and infield dirt is heated to between 68 and 70 degrees, which means any snow that does hit the outfield won’t accumulate all that much. The grounds crew also covers the outfield with a thin, breathable agricultural blanket. Once it starts snowing, they’ll pull a tarp over the infield because they don’t want too much moisture in the dirt.

The warning track isn’t heated, so crew members will have to scrape any ice and shovel any snow that will fall. Divito says his eight-person crew, and a few extras, will be working straight through Tuesday into Thursday.

“Thankfully, Friday is an off day,” he says.

The majority of the snow removal will be done in the fan seats. People will shovel the snow out of the stands, while others will spray 110-degree water to melt it.

  1. They’re seriously going to try to play games in sub-freezing temperatures? The baseball gods cannot be happy about this….

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