MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After finishing up our biggest April snowstorm in 34 years, record low temperatures have been recorded overnight in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Friday is looking to be the coldest April 6 in 145 years of weather records.

According to meteorologist Matt Brickman, St. Cloud (0 degrees) and Eau Claire, Wisconsin (5 degrees) recorded record-low temps overnight.

“This is very unusual. We’ve been keeping records since the 1870s, 140 years, and we haven’t seen temperatures quite this cold in the first week of April,” Brickman said.

For the Minnesota Twins’ home opener Thursday, there could be some snow during the tail end of the game with temps in the mid-30s.

“That snow moves through into the evening hours, but it shouldn’t stack up to too much. A half-inch is possible here in the metro,” Brickman said.

Friday’s cold is expected to set a record.

“I don’t know how you can spin this one,” Brickman said. “It is going to be somewhere between 25 and 30 degrees below average and windy.”

Brickman says the wind chills will be in the single digits all day and it’s likely to be the coldest high temperature recorded in Minnesota in 145 years of weather records.

It does get better into the weekend, with temps creeping back up into the 30s with a sunny day expected Saturday.

More snow will return leading into next week, however, with a couple inches possible Sunday into Monday.