By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A brutal attack on a Metro Transit bus driver this week was caught on camera and posted to social media.

The assault happened Tuesday afternoon on the Route 5 bus in north Minneapolis.

“I don’t know anybody who can look at this video and think that it is anything less than disgusting,” said Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla.

Metro transit officials say the video of one of its operators being attacked while sitting in the driver’s seat of a city bus is hard to watch.

Padilla called the attack “totally unprovoked.”

Someone on board the bus captured the beating on their cellphone and then posted it to social media.

“The driver was caught by the seat belt, couldn’t get up and defend themselves and the person just kept assaulting them,” Timlin said.

He says incidents like this are on the rise.

“I don’t have the exact number, but what we’re getting in emails…it seems there is a bit of an uptick right now,” he said.

Timlin believes this attack could have been avoided if the bus had a barrier to protect the driver.

“They’ve been implementing barriers, and, at this point, there are only about 20 in the entire system,” he said, adding that, in his view, more are needed.

Metro Transit says a committee of both drivers and managers will study the effectiveness of the barriers before deciding if more are needed.

Until then, investigators have their work cut out for them.

“We’re not going to just depend on just this Facebook video that’s out there,” Padilla said. “We’re also looking at our own video.”

Metro Transit police investigators believe that there were several witnesses to this brutal attack both on the bus and well as outside, at the intersection of 15th and Emerson avenues.

Anyone with information on the attack is asked to call the Metro Transit Police Department at 612-349-7200.

Reg Chapman

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  1. Wow, he’s black, what a surprise. Where is blm.

  2. I wonder why cops are so trigger happy in some neighborhoods? .

    1. Andrew Moore says:

      Because they’re Somali refugees.

  3. Gary Levine says:

    Exactly why I am in Costa Rica.

  4. You don’t need more barriers, you need a gun. Not a surprise.

  5. #thuglife……..the solution isn’t ‘barriers’’s plainclothes officers making arrests and judges not feeling sorry for offenders

  6. “Incidents like this are on the rise” because immigration is on the rise… Media provoked racism is on the rise… Liberalism is on the rise.

  7. BTW, it is your right as a citizen to exercise deadly force against someone who using extreme violence against another person. If someone on that bus had a firearm, they would be legally justified in shooting that thug to death right then and there.

  8. Probably a white supremacist being extra racist using a blackface disguise. I must say the white supremacist is quite an artist as he has the Somali Muslim look crushed.

  9. Mark Steele says:

    This violence brought to you by a harmless African immigrant….

  10. Jana Ingman says:

    Why was the person filming in the first place?

  11. If i dont see hate crime attached to this AGAIN OF COURSE NOT cause IM the racist and NOW the 2nd in 2 days….we whites are shutting down the freeways w/ all our concealed permits in full display waiting for the slightest provocation. AND why are the nasty pieces of garbage like the girl in pink filming; why are they never charged as accessory?!!!!!!

  12. Traci Joseph says:

    A man attacked a bus driver, seemingly without provocation. That man is a problem. What a bunch of openly racist pukes we have in Minnesota, quick to assault the entire imagined lack of attributes to an entire race based on the actions of this one man. Minnesota “nice” indeed.

  13. Mike Mayer says:

    more barriers, less somalians