By Kate Raddatz

RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — A beloved Twin Cities Walgreens employee got an incredible surprise Thursday.

She’s celebrating 25 years at her store on 66th Street in Richfield.

“I love the customers,” Irene Broden said.

Irene arrived at her store Thursday afternoon knowing her coworkers were throwing her a party to celebrate the anniversary.

“When you come in, she’ll always say ‘welcome to Walgreens’ and then when you leave ‘thanks for shopping at Walgreens,’” customer Sherree Stratton said.

When asked how she wanted to celebrate 25 years of work, Irene had a wish.

“Go to Hawaii,” she said.

In her 25 years at Walgreens, she has never taken a vacation.

“I travel from Minneapolis to St. Paul,” Irene said.

Irene didn’t know her coworker had set up a GoFundMe weeks earlier.

Customers raised more than $5,000 to send the loyal cashier on her dream vacation.

When her coworkers told Irene the news at her party, she fell back into her chair.

“She was absolutely floored,” co-worker Stephanie Richards said. “She was crying. We both were.”

Irene’s friends are also taking donations for things for Irene to take the trip–like luggage, sunglasses, or things to do on the plane.

Any extras will go to charity.

If you’d like to donate, click here.


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