By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sun Country Airlines continues to take heat after the snowstorm forced them to cancel two flights from Mexico.

Problem was, the flights from Los Cabos and Mazatlán were the last of the season for the airline. That meant hundreds of Minnesota travelers were left stranded.

Sun Country’s reservation line was then flooded with calls, but there weren’t enough employees to answer them.

“We asked, what are we supposed to do as far as rescheduling? They said to call reservations,” said Dan Stone of Ramsey.

Minutes before Stone’s Sun Country flight was set to leave on Saturday, a spring blizzard in Minnesota stranded Stone and his family in Florida. He expected that. What he didn’t expect was not having a chance to rebook.

“They’re not taking calls and it just hangs up on you. Nobody answers, it’s just a recording that comes on,” said Stone.

The recording on the Sun Country reservation line says this: “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy due to high volume. Please try your call later.”

“We’ve gone out to the airport twice to talk to they gate agents and they told us again to call reservations,” said Stone.

We stopped at Sun Country’s MSP ticket counter, ourselves.

Eventually, will the guest relations line open up?” WCCO’s John Lauritsen said.

Yeah. Everyone was calling so it was difficult to reach, reach out for a reservation. Probably today — even tomorrow,” the ticket agent said.

Stone decided he couldn’t wait any longer. His family bought new tickets home with Delta, but they’ll have to drive from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale to catch the Tuesday flight. Time and money are adding up.

“I would say we are pushing $1,500. Not including loss of wages with work and so on and so forth, with my wife and I both. Not only that, our kids are missing school, so on and so forth,” said Stone.

An email from Kelsey Dodson-Smith of Sun Country on Sunday said they are working around the clock to fix this and they apologize to everyone inconvenienced by the severe weather.

John Lauritsen