MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Construction is a sight that can make eyes sore. Just ask Aaron Meyerring.

“Well it’s getting old, fast,” he said.

Meyerring co-owns the Electric Fetus, which is right next to the Franklin Avenue Bridge project, which is part of the four-year long I-35W project that spans from downtown Minneapolis south to Highway 65.

The Franklin Ave. Bridge phase is supposed to end in a few months.

“It’s been frustrating with the weather delays and the time constraints,” he said.

Nearby, a sign warns I-94W drivers about the 11th Street ramp closure next Monday, April 23. It was supposed to start Thursday after being postponed from its initial start time of last Monday, but Mother Nature doesn’t care about that.

“Well there’s no question that (weather has) delayed some projects,” said Kevin Gutknecht, MnDOT communications director.

Earlier this month, MnDOT announced more 250 construction projects for the season. But Gutknecht said the good news is not all of them were scheduled to start in April. And being in Minnesota, extended winters are anticipated.

“For a longer term project that’s gonna last more than one year, more than one season, they often build time into their schedules for weather delays,” he said.

Gutknecht says more issues come up when short term projects are delayed. He said contractors often will finish one job and immediately start another, meaning a delay on the first project can create a domino effect of delays going forward.

Gutknecht suggests people sign up for email alerts about projects along their commute or near their homes.

Meyerring says they’ve been helpful in keeping him updated as he counts down the days to seeing the Franklin Avenue Bridge back in business.

“It should be nice. I hope it is, and I hope a lot of people use it,” he said.

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