ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A war of words at the State Capitol Thursday night over taxes as the legislative session winds down to its final weeks.

Republicans are claiming Governor Mark Dayton wants to raise taxes by more than $1 billion this year. Gov. Dayton says he’s actually cutting taxes on more than two million Minnesotans, calling the GOP charge “reprehensible.”

“When people can’t be honest with their critiques, it says there is something wrong with their proposal, or their basic integrity,” Dayton said.

“But it makes it difficult when the chief executive is accusing everyone who disagrees with him of lacking integrity. I mean, how do you get things done when someone views you fundamentally as immoral, or a liar?” Rep. Pat Garofolo with the Job Growth and Energy Policy Committee said.

The legislative session ends May 21. There’s still no agreement on a tax cut bill.