MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On a nearly perfect, spring day outside, there was only one thing that could get Minnesotans inside.

“We’re back!” yelled fans Steve and Maggie Westmark.

Hoping to ride the wave of their first playoff win in nearly a decade and a half, Timberwolves fans were still doing the math on how long it’s been since they’ve had this much fun.

“I’ve been here all these 14 seasons,” Steve Westmark said.

No matter how this season sends, season ticket holders have as much reason to howl as any.

“I really like seeing Jimmy, KAT,” said 10-year-old Rylan Koles.

Rylan wasn’t even born the last time the Wolves played playoff basketball. But his dad has been going to games since the team came to town in 1989.

“I remember ’04 with Garnett and Cassell and Sprewell. It’s been fun. It’s his first time coming too,” said Rylan’s dad, Jim.

How much fun is this playoff atmosphere?

“Amazing! Look at it! Everyone’s into the game,” said fan Darren Jakes.

With hats, jerseys and green howl towels, win or lose they’re hoping this is just the start of good things to come.

“We were excited to be here all season. It was super fun,” said fan Amy Piggee.

  1. Tim Neumann says:

    T-Wolves season is finished, not hard to figure as hey will NEVER advance out of the playoffs. Thankfully I do not have season tickets to any “professional” MN team. A waste of time and money

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