MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the arrival of May, the city of Minneapolis begins enforcing their new ordinance to prevent discrimination in public assistance discrimination in housing and rentals.

The ordinance will prohibit landlords from refusing applicants who use Section 8 and other government housing vouchers, like GRH. Minneapolis city council members approved the ordinance unanimously last year.

“The amendments also prohibit landlords from imposing unique rental standards or otherwise treating potential public assistance tenants differently from other tenants,” the city reported Tuesday.

Many landlords in the city spoke out against the ordinance, claiming it will prompt landlords to hike up rent prices to avoid participating in the program.

Supporters of the measure say that about 60 other states and cities in the nation have similar protections against housing discrimination.

Minneapolis residents were informed they can report violations of the ordinance by calling the Civil Rights Department at 612-673-3012.

Comments (2)
  1. Why not do things to make homes more affordable so people don’t need section 8? Section 8 is just a bail-out for banks to price gouge rent and housing prices.

  2. Just have high rent and then give kickbacks to non- Section 8 renters. This has worked very well in other cities where owners want to protect their property investments.