MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis may not be Amazon’s second headquarters, but the company is expanding their presence.

Amazon showed off its new tech hub in the North Loop on Wednesday, and announced it will be adding hundreds of jobs for the space.

WCCO’s Kate Raddatz found out how the internet giant plans to help small businesses grow here in Minnesota.

When you walk into the Amazon tech hub in the North Loop’s T3 Building — the company proudly displays “Minneapolis” on one wall, and Seattle on the other.

“It’s spectacular. T3 stands for Transit, Timber and Technology and they are fulfilling on that promise,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said.

It’s a modern space for the 200 new workers Amazon is hiring in Minneapolis. Even the trash bin is labeled “landfill.”

Mayor Frey, along with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, both toured the space.

“I’m here to tell them we’re happy you’re here and hiring and expanding in Minnesota,” Frey said.

Senator Klobuchar was adamant that adding Amazon jobs not only brings big business to the city, but also to small business owners who can sell their products on Amazon’s web site.

“It will help our small businesses reach around the world so a small book store in Duluth can sell to customers in Dublin, or the artisan in Mankato can find customers in Madrid,” Klobuchar said.

Amanda Cameron sells her paper products on Amazon.

“Because of Amazon and the opportunity we are given, we are regularly able to give back to the community,” Cameron said.

The 200 new jobs will focus on research, engineering and cloud computing. That’s in addition to the 2,000 at Amazon’s massive warehouse in Shakopee.

But will there be more?

“Amazon is always growing. Everything is possible,”

Amazon has invested more than $400 million in Minnesota over the last three years. The company has more than a dozen tech hubs, like the one in Minneapolis, around the country.


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