By Matt Brickman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Not even one month ago, there was snow on the ground in many parts of the state, and most of the lakes were still frozen over. Later this week, summer conditions are expected to move in with an exclamation point.

WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman says that Tuesday begins with overcast conditions and temperatures in the upper 50s in the Twin Cities. The southwestern portion of the state began the day in fog.

Eventually that will all burn off, and the sun will come out for the better portion of the day. Tuesday’s highs should reach the upper 70s, and even top 80 on the western border with the Dakotas.

There may be some storms developing overnight in the southwestern portion of the state. Brickman said that Wednesday should be mostly cloudy in the Twin Cities with highs in the low 80s, and the chance for isolated storms.

The heat and humidity really start to fire up on Thursday, with highs nearing or topping 90 degrees through Saturday. The heat index could reach triple digits for the first time this year.

There’s a chance for strong storms Thursday and Friday.

Brickman said that temperatures should remain hot on Saturday, but the threat of accompanying storms is expected to dissipate.


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