By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Storms continue to move across Minnesota and Wisconsin Tuesday night, bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

West of the Twin Cities is a different story. Homeowners in Hutchinson came outside to see trees on top of houses and blocking streets. Two massive pine trees were uprooted, falling into the street. They have since been moved out of the way, but this is just one example of how strong the winds were this afternoon.

PHOTO GALLERY: MAY 29 Severe Weather

“Somebody was looking over us, that’s for sure,” said homeowner Patrick Maus.

From house to house, that was the theme.

“It would have been a lot worse if it hit house,” said homeowner Dan Theis.

(credit: CBS)

Homeowners who had trees crash down in the yards, and on their roofs.

“Everybody’s OK,” said homeowner Paul Carroll.

They are thankful that at the very least nobody was hurt.

“I heard a lot of the hail on the roof at work, but definitely didn’t think to come home to this,” Maus said.

The afternoon storm uprooted two thick pine trees in Maus’s yard; a scary sight he worried was possible.

“Oh definitely, they’ll sway a good foot to each side in a good wind storm,” Maus said.

(credit: CBS)

The winds caused a tree to split down the middle — landing across a swing set and trailer behind Theis’s house.

“And we just heard a little bang on the egress window. We never heard the tree fall or anything,” Theis said. “So we thought nothing happened and we came out and looked and saw that.”

Neighbors next door were stacking a now-chopped-up branch that earlier fell on a home, piercing the roof. But the tree that hit Carroll’s house cannot be moved just yet.

“It was a little traumatizing for the kids when they first saw the house and tree down in the yard, you know,” Carroll said.

He says other trees in the yard might have to come down before the next storm does it for him. But at least his family is alive and safe to make that choice.

“My wife works for the insurance company, so [laughs]” Carroll said. “We got lucky there, too!”

Jeff Wagner