MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The former principal of a Twin Cities middle school charged with stalking and burglary is now facing new charges.

Christopher Endicott, 50, is charged with stalking, identity theft and financial transaction card fraud after authorities found out he had access to personal and financial information of several people, including their email accounts.

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Dakota County Prosecutors say it started when officials at Independent School District 196 discovered someone had unauthorized access to the district’s information systems. Police determined Endicott — who was the principal of Century Middle School in a neighboring district — as a potential suspect.

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Investigators seized Endicott’s computer at home and discovered a trove of data, including the personal information of school employees and their families and credit card information of several individuals. They also found out he had access to several email accounts that weren’t his. In writings police discovered at his home, Endicott admitted to using the email accounts and credit card information, saying he was in “financial ruin.”

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Endicott was first arrested for harassment and stalking in February 2018. After he was released on bail, prosecutors say he began stalking the detective who was investigating him, and was arrested and charged again. Later that month, prosecutors charged him with burglary for breaking into his Apple Valley neighbor’s home in 2015.