MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Soon after a helpful citizen saved and brought home what he thought was a kitten, he made a realization: this wasn’t a domestic breed.

According to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, a “very observant client” heard a kitten crying for help in a parking lot earlier in June.

However, after bringing it home and listening to it, he started suspecting that it wasn’t a domestic kitten.

Turns out, it was a baby bobcat!

“We have our first Bobcat kitten of the summer. We’re thankful he found the tiny Bobcat before it was hit by a car,” the WRC said.

The WRC says the baby female bobcat, or bobkitten, is in good health but was dehydrated. After spending some time with the WRC, she’ll be transferred to a rehabber who works with bobcats.

One sign the kitten may not have been a domestic cat: those big paws! Check out the post and full picture below.

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