MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Wednesday, President Donald Trump will arrive in Minnesota for a rally that’s part of his “Make America Great Again” tour. Some Minnesotans are upset about the visit, others are ecstatic.

Northwest Minnesota is an area known for nature and for tourism. It’s not exactly known for being in the national political spotlight. The last time a sitting President came was George W. Bush in 2004.

Fifteen years later, Duluth will be the focus again. Trump tweeted with excitement, inviting people to join him Wednesday at AMSOIL Arena

He’ll be rallying followers and meeting with Minnesotans like Kelsey Johnson.

“We’re there just to show our support and thank him for the work he has done,” Johnson said. “I mean with any president, you want to be welcoming and encouraging for them to come to your community, so I think this is a rare opportunity for us.”

Johnson represents the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota. Johnson says 85 percent of the country’s iron comes from Minnesota. She says since Trump put tariffs on steel, the industry, which was dwindling in 2015, is booming.

“Do everything we can to roll out the red carpet and give him the welcome that he deserves,” she said. “Frankly he’s changed the dynamic, like I said, in our economy so there’s hope again.”

Some Minnesotans are frustrated by the president’s visit amid his administration’s immigration policies separating families at the Mexican border.

“Basically our government has established a strategy to terrorize children in hopes it will keep people from trying to come to America,” Minneapolis attorney David Glaser said.

In the name of those children, Glaser says he is assembling a group to drive from the Cities to protest Trump’s visit.

“I think the goal for tomorrow is to not get people to yell but to get people to think about this: have some empathy, think of how you would want to be treated,” he said.

And so he will join many others in a picturesque Minnesota town that will soon capture the country’s attention.

WCCO will have team coverage from the president’s visit to Duluth throughout Wednesday, including a live stream of his speech from Duluth on WCCO.com and WCCO’s Facebook page.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

  1. Duluth is in Northeast Minnesota, not Northwest. You had one job.

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