MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey isn’t beating around the bush when it comes to his response to Canada becoming the second nation to legalize marijuana.

On Wednesday, Frey shared a CNN report on Canada’s Senate passing a historic bill to legalize recreational marijuana with a 52-29 vote. Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada on Oct. 17.

In the tweet, Frey was clear in his support for legalizing recreational marijuana.

“Marijuana will soon be legal in Canada. Let’s make Minnesota next – and then the USA,” Frey said.

Minneapolis recently ended low-level marijuana sting arrests after a racial disparity was revealed. It was discovered that nearly everyone arrested was black.

Facing criticism over the arrest numbers, Minneapolis’ Police Chief Medaria Arradondo made a stunning policy change. He told officers to steer petty drug offenders to treatment, counseling and diversion — not jail.

Minnesota officially legalized medicinal marijuana in July of 2015. Although it is known as being one of the tightly regulated programs in the country, Minnesota medical marijuana program did add more qualifying conditions in 2017, including autism and sleep apnea.

Comments (6)
  1. and God said, “behold I have given man every herb and it is good”.

  2. Good going. I’m running here as a Pot Mayor.
    Using it to clean up the lake
    Sanctuary city for Marijuana.
    Pot Hall of fame and more…

  3. Adam Smith says:

    I’m all for it. We need to move past the complete failure that is marijuana prohibition. States that have made recreational marijuana legal have generated tidy sums of tax dollars. Adults who choose to smoke in their own homes should be allowed to do so, and safely purchase from dispensaries and/or grow their own small amount of plants without fear of hefty fines and jail time. There of course should be clear guidelines about where people can and cannot partake, and the legal age to purchase should be 21 along with alcohol. Stoned driving should be handled appropriately, and illegal sales to minors as well. It’s time to change the antiquated marijuana laws in our state. It’s time to give adults the freedom and choice to consume marijuana responsibly and safely. The medicinal benefits of cannabis cannot be ignored as well.

  4. Jim Jacobsen says:

    they talk about the issues of the opioid crisis, legalizing pot would effectively eliminate that problem, most people have claimed that it works better and much faster than pharmaceutical painkillers with none of the addictive qualities. Not to mention that if they legalized it and taxed it like they do alcohol and cigarettes it would erase most of the states debt just liek it did in Colorado.