MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Following Sunday morning’s heavy rain, strong winds lashed the Twin Cities, knocking down trees, shattering bus stop windows and causing thousands to lose power.

Joe Shantz, of northeast Minneapolis, described the morning as “blustery, to be sure.”

However, not everyone was dismayed by the windy weather.

Dina Campbell, who is visiting from Florida for a teacher’s conference, said she’d take the windiness over humidity.

“I don’t think anyone visiting from the south would be disappointed with the windiness up here,” she said.

But the wind did cause some inconveniences.

What would have typically been a bustling lawn full of World Cup fans at Brit’s Pub was closed as the grass dried.

“It’s been a crazy day…the winds were howling,” said general manager Shane Higgins. “Ten minutes after that’s finished, the sun is out.”

After the rain and winds, Sunday evening promised to hold the mildest weather of the weekend, as the previous two days brought heat advisories and steamy humidity.

“We spent most of the last few days sitting in the air conditioning,” said Schantz. “We had to get out today, even though it’s not ideal, we’ve been stuck inside because it’s so hot.”

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield


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