DELANO, Minn. (WCCO) — It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for people at the state’s oldest Fourth of July celebration on Wednesday.

The sky opened up less than two hours before the Delano parade was set to begin. The crowd at this year’s parade needed some extra waterproof supplies.

The Krause family was ready.

“We bought the tent yesterday at Wal-Mart and just got ready to go,” Cody Krause said.

“It just started drizzling right as we were putting it up and like he said, we just huddled around and bared down for the storm,” Kim Krause said.

The weather made this year’s crowd extra close.

“Very terrible for a while, actually we met some friends and they let us under their tents for a while,” Scott Rickson of Corcoran said of the water.

But as the oldest parade moved forward, the rain stopped. Ify Nwankwo of Watertown brought her young niece, Angel.

“We were a little bit bummed out by the rain but it seemed like it stopped so that’s always nice just to have some fun on the 4th,” Nwankwo said.

And even though it got off to a rocky start, Jan Magnar said she was not complaining.

“I’m not working, everything is good,” Magnar said.

The weather and the parade finished strong.


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