By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A dog owner is thankful her beloved pet survived a gunshot, but now she wants the gunman caught.

A bullet hit 2-year-old pit bull Rocko near his left shoulder. The shooting happened inside an apartment complex in Sauk Rapids last Sunday. A surgeon had to remove his leg.

The circle of loving people surrounding Rocko, which he is quick to reciprocate through dog kisses, is a typical occurrence. The one change is he is now sharing all that love on the strength of only three legs.

“As long as he was alive, I was OK with whatever as long as he was alive,” said owner Shannon Bueckers.

Rocko had to have his leg removed after he was shot in the hallway outside his owner’s apartment door.

Rocko (credit: CBS)

“I was on the second floor coming up and I heard a gunshot, and I heard my dog yelp, and I heard my daughter scream because she was standing in the doorway,” Bueckers said.

She believes the shooter is a neighbor’s friend who took off running after it happened. She says police have some evidence, including the bullet and its casing.

“The surgeon saved the slug out of [Rocko’s] shoulder,” Bueckers said.

Police have yet to make an arrest.

“I just want the guy to pay for what he did because he could have shot a kid. My daughter could have went to go grab dog and he could have missed my dog and shot my daughter,” Bueckers said.

Rocko might have lost a step or two, but Beckers said he remains eager to please. He is a three-legged dog with an infinite amount of love.

“He loves being back home with all his friends around,” she said. “He is still the same friendly pit bull that he used to be.”

Beckers said Rocko’s surgery suddenly set her back about $5,000. She is hoping people can help her recoup some of that money through a GoFundMe page. Click here to make a donation.

Jeff Wagner