MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)– A good Samaritan is travelling across the country to each state and mowing a lawn for someone in need for free.

Rodney Smith Jr. set out on May 7 to complete the 50 states, 50 lawns challenge, and now he’s coming to Minneapolis on Thursday.

“I’ve come across so many elderly people on fixed incomes that can’t afford to pay anyone to mow the lawn so now that we’re coming out here for free they can now use those funds for medication, food and other things they really need,” Smith said.

Smith completed the challenge last spring, but this year he plans to revamp the endeavor.

The Alabama man plans to educate kids about lawn mower safety, while also encouraging them to start the 50-yard challenge in their own communities. 

Smith, the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, an organization that strives to keep young kids on a positive path through community service, wants youngsters to know the importance of giving back to those in need.

Kids who send in a photo of themselves carrying a sign that reads, “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge” will receive a free shirt, shades and ear protection.

For every 10 lawns mowed for the elderly, disabled, single mothers, or veterans, a child will receive a colored shirt until they reach 50 lawns mowed for free.

To get started in the 50-yard challenge, or to nominate your neighbor, click here.