MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Pigs were set loose on Highway 169 in North Mankato after a semi lost control and crashed Wednesday morning.

KEYC reports that a semi hauling a truckload of pigs veered off the off ramp that connects Interstate 14 with Highway 169 south. The semi then crashed into the ditch.

A dozen or pigs were able to escape the trailer and then began wandering around the interchange.

Traffic on southbound Highway 169 was halted due to the pigs and law enforcement is now attempting to corral the animals while tending to the accident scene.

The story is developing, so check back for more.

  1. Bill Cenne says:

    Hmmm………..looks like there are considerably less than a sowsand of them. But why did the pigs cross the road? They got “boared”. What do you call a board pig? “Dis-gruntled”. Why did the pig walk across that road? Because pigs can’t fly. It took a long time to get across because it was a “slow pork”. Why did the pig take up the whole right lane? It was a “road hog”. What did they do with the injured pigs? Hey called the “hambulance”. How did they take the pigs back home? The gave them “piggy back” rides.
    ……that’s all i got……