By Christiane Cordero

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A July 19 study released by Apartment List found one in four renters in Minneapolis believe they have come across a fraudulent listing, and the younger population is especially vulnerable to losing money over such properties.

The most common types of schemes include bait-and-switch properties, where the listed landlord advertises a different property than the one available, phantom rentals which are listings that don’t exist at all, and ones with missing amenities.

Apartment List found in-unit laundry was the most lied about amenity. It’s also the hardest to find and one of the highest in demand around the country.

Giving into fraudulent listings doesn’t necessarily mean paying rent. Sometimes the landlords behind them are really just looking to make cash fast off of the application or background check fee. Sometimes the consequences are more substantial, if the landlord can convince them to pay a security deposit.

Christiane Cordero

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