MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tuesday is National Tequila Day, and WCCO.com spoke with local Minnesota liquor stores on how to get the best beverage without breaking the bank.

Dan Campo, owner of South Lyndale Liquors in Minneapolis, said tequila prices range from $15 per bottle into the hundreds.

Lunazul and Agavales are both best-sellers that sell for around $20. Campo said Agavales is a customer favorite because “it is 100 percent agave spirit.”

“The cost depends on the amount of time spent aging in a barrel,” said Campo. “Blue agave is expensive because it takes a long time to grow to a point where it can be used to make tequila.”

On the contrary, Campo said José Cuervo is the worst affordable tequila option.

“It is not a true tequila,” Campo said. “In order to to be real tequila it should be 100 percent blue agave, not just made with blue agave.”

Aaron Zaidman, liquor buyer for Zipps Liquors, said most best-selling tequilas are under $20. His list of customer favorites include Espolón, El Jimador, Hornitos and Olmeca.

According to Zaidman, customers tend to buy cheaper tequilas when making margaritas because the different ingredients in margaritas mask the missing flavors that are present in the more expensive options.