MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials in Minneapolis said Wednesday that the city reached a settlement with a south side McDonald’s that agreed to pay workers more than $20,000 in back wages and penalties after violating the city’s minimum wage ordinance.

The city says investigators found that the McDonald’s franchise on 210 East Lake Street was underpaying several workers following the climb to a $10 minimum wage earlier this year.

The city says community partners brought the issue to the city’s attention, and officials followed up with a civil rights department investigation.

Along with the agreement to pay back wages and penalties, the managers at the location will also undergo training, the city says. A separate roundtable discussion with owners, managers and workers is also part of the settlement.

On Jan. 1, the city’s minimum wage ordinance bumped the minimum wage to $10 an hour for businesses with more than 100 employees. Earlier this month, the minimum wage increased again, to $11.25 an hour for large employers.

The incremental increases are part of the city’s plan to reach a $15 minimum wage for large employers by 2022. For small businesses, the $15 an hour goal is set for 2024.

Those concerned about minimum wage ordinance violations at Minneapolis business are advised to call 311 and fill out this form.

  1. McDonald’s franchise on 210 East Lake Street will be closing soon.