MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Good news for Minnesota parents.

You are expected to spend less money on school supplies than parents in other states.

A new survey from Deloitte projects Minnesota parents will spend $398 on back to school items. That’s significantly less than the national spending average of $510.

WCCO’s Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield has more on the local back to school spending trends.

Two pocket folders, a pack of index cards, pens and pencils. Seems like those supply lists go on and on. But eighth grader Aneila Wind and her mother, a teacher herself, have it down to a science.

“My daughter loves to have really good looking school supplies. And if you wait, they’re all gone so we try to go as early as possible,” teacher and mother Shannon Nordby said.

But she’s bucking the trend. A new survey says compared to other states, Minnesota back to school shoppers tend to wait until later – in August. A controversial method.

“My husband loves to wait till the last minute but we kind of go back and forth because now everything is picked over,” Bren Stiller of Golden Valley said.

So Bren and her daughter, Zolea, decided they wanted first pick.

“I already found a backpack but I’m trying to find a lunch box,” Zolea said.

The survey also says Minnesota parents prefer not to shop online. They like to put their eyes and hands on their supplies.

“You can pick it out better at the store. Especially because my daughter likes to have really specific things but that’s hard to pick up online,” Bren Stiller said.

With four kids to buy for, this mom wants to know what she’s getting.

“I really love to get really good stuff that lasts all year long cause if you get cheap stuff it doesn’t last, you gotta get all brand new stuff in the middle of the year,” Bren said.

And who wants to go through all this again.

The Deloitte survey also says most Minnesotans spend their back to school money on supplies and clothing. They don’t usually make big purchases on computers and electronics this time of year.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield


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