MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While dog adoption fees at the Animal Humane Society range from $170-$642, expenses can easily triple within the first year of pet ownership.

The ASPCA estimated the cost of a dog based on several factors including middle-of-the-road dog food, basic medical expenses and supplies.

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Up front, dogs cost about $500-$600 for the basics such as a crate, initial shots and some training.

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After that, it varies by the size of the dog.

Small dogs, according to the ASPCA, will cost about $1,000 per year, medium dogs — ones anywhere from about 25 to 45 pounds — are roughly $1,200 a year, and large dogs tend to cost at least $200 more per year.

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These estimates don’t factor in major health issues or pet rent, which can cost upwards of $600 a year in the Twin Cities.