MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota might be known as the state of hockey, but if two Twin Cities brothers have their way, it’ll soon be known for some serious expertise on the water — when it’s not frozen.

David McCoy shows us how they roll.

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Of all the sports a kid could fall in love with, the one where you try to get your opponent to fall is the one that latched onto the hearts of Jasper and Ellis Priest.

“It’s unique, and it’s really fun,” Jasper said. “It’s just kind of different than a lot of other sports.”

Jasper’s 13 and first started log rolling when he was 6. His little brother Ellis, 8, soon followed when he turned 5.

“My brother and sister were already log rolling, and I was always kind of interested in it, and I kind of just started it,” Ellis said.

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Jasper said log rolling can be a tough sport for beginners.

“It’s harder to pick up,” Jasper said. “Like, you can’t really be competitive when you just start. It takes a lot of practice to be able to stay on the log for a long time.”

But once you get good, especially as good as Jasper and Ellis, it gets fun — like a couple weeks ago, when the Twin Cities natives both won their age divisions at the Log Rolling World Championships in Hayward, Wisconsin.

They give each other the credit. After all, who’s a champion without his training partner?

“Every day in the summer, we’re going on really fast logs, and just rolling for a long time,” Jasper said. “Trying to stay on as it’s spinning really fast, and practicing with each other.”

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Two brothers with unique talents on the top of a sport where staying on top is the object of the game.