MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday addressed the American Legion National Convention meeting in Minneapolis.

The vice president’s remarks coming just days after the Legion criticized President Trump for not sufficiently honoring the late Senator John McCain. The American Legion earlier this week sent a sharply-worded letter to President Trump, who had refused the usual White House honors for national war hero John McCain.

“And that also describes a particular veteran that I know is on the hearts and minds of people all across America,” Pence said.

Vice President Mike Pence remarks on the last day of the American Legion convention.


At the same time as McCain’s memorial service in Arizona, where thousands of people lined the street to see his funeral procession. Pence highlighting McCain’s military service.

“But I can assure you, America will always remember and honor the lifetime of service of United States Senator John McCain,” Pence said.

Despite the sometimes strained relationship this week between the American Legion and the President, the Minnesota Legion members we spoke with agreed: President Trump overall is doing a good job with veterans.

Convention-goers said they appreciate the White House coming around to honoring McCain after what they said was non-partisan pressure.

“John McCain was a POW. Everybody has their opinion on John McCain, but he was still a veteran. And that’s all that matters. Veterans helping veterans,” Brad Pagel of Slayton said.

The vice president’s Minnesota visit is his second this month. His convention speech was followed by a Republican Party fundraiser.

The Republican National Committee said Thursday in a statement Pence’s visit “reinforces the importance Minnesota plays in the upcoming election.”

Pat Kessler

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  1. Now we know he will be here, so what are the implications for us? Any commuting issues, etc? Any idea on what he will focus? Then he’s off to Milwaukee to campaign for a woman?! Oh, do tell! But, nope. Worst waste of 19 seconds ever.