By Reg Chapman

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) — In a quiet section of Edina, not far from Minnehaha Creek and around the corner from the Edina Country Club, people appreciate wildlife.

“We see a lot of animals around here. We see deer; we had a fox living under our front porch,” Edina resident Stephanie Winter said.

But Winter never expected to see a coyote.

“We saw it right in the back behind the fence. There it was, staring us down,” Winter said.

Winter says her three children, Boudin, Hudson and London were playing in the backyard after dinner Thursday night.

Boudin saw the animal first and said he thought it was a deer. He said it was “really big” and it moved slowly when it approached the back fence of their home.

“It was facing our way and it was sitting back there next to the green fence, and that’s when it was looking like a deer, and then it started to come closer, and then it was right against the fence,” Boudin said.

Winter hustled her kids away from the fence.

“We all went inside and then we watched it through the windows, and we could see it going through the backyards,” Winter said.

Winter called a neighbor when they saw the coyote moving toward their yard. That neighbor said the coyote was taunting her dog, Winnie.

Both families say the animal was large — much larger than Winnie.

The city of Edina posted information on its website about the sightings.

It says loud noises can scare coyotes away.

Reg Chapman


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