MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Strong storms are moving across Minnesota and western Wisconsin Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, leaving communities underwater.

Torrential rain has been falling across the southern part of the state for hours. The southeastern portion of Rochester has seen close to 5 inches of rain, causing backyards and streets to flood.

The National Weather Service says about four more inches of rainfall is expected in the overnight.

A video posted to social media shows the rainwaters sweeping away a garbage can in a neighborhood in the southeastern part of the city. WCCO-TV crews have witnessed dozens of cars tempting fate and trying to make it through flooded streets. Cars have stalled and have had to be rescued throughout the evening. We even spotted one pickup truck pushing another through the water.

Resident Randy Batzel says the rain has taken quite a toll on his backyard.

“I got a fishing pond back there. Got over five inches of rain. Got a sump pump running back there to get the water out so I don’t get a wet basement,” Batzel said.

First responders are asking everyone to stay off the roads Tuesday night through early Wednesday morning.