MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Newly-released court documents are revealing warning signs about the officer accused of killing Justine Ruszczyk Damond in July of 2017.

Damond had called police that night to report a possible assault in the alley behind her Minneapolis home. It was when she approached the police squad that Officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed her.

New documents reveal two psychiatrists raised concerns about Noor’s fitness to serve as a police officer. They also say while in training, Noor pointed a gun at the head of a driver accused of a minor traffic violation.

The new court documents are a response to Noor’s request to have the court suppress his psychological records. A judge denied that request Wednesday.

Neighbors and the attorney for Justine Ruszczyk Damond are expressing outrage and frustration over the warning signs raised in the documents.

In the close-knit south Minneapolis neighborhood where Ruszczyk Damond lived and died, there are still memorials in her honor. And there is anger over this latest news.

“This was an opportunity to catch something before it turned tragic the opportunity was missed,” Todd Schuman, a member of Justice for Justine, said.

The Ruszczyk Damond family’s attorney called the revelations “a bombshell.”

“It’s upsetting and I know the family is upset,” Robert Bennett said. “It wasn’t a question of if someone was going to be shot. The only question is when and who.”

Bennett has filed a $50 million lawsuit on behalf of the family against the city of Minneapolis and top police officials. Bennett says one of his biggest concerns lies with the documents revelation that two months before the fatal shooting, Noor pointed his service revolver at the head of a man involved in a minor traffic infraction.

“His reaction, like his reaction on the night in question, was completely out of proportion to the events that were unfolding before him,” Bennett said.

Bennett sharply criticized not only the Minneapolis police leadership, but also the Minneapolis Police Union

“There are so many things to fix here it’s almost impossible. They almost need to tear it up and start over,” Bennett said.

The Minneapolis Police Department said they couldn’t comment. The president of the Minneapolis Police Union, Lt Robert Kroll, said he was also not able to comment.

We did not hear back from Officer Noor’s attorney.

Esme Murphy

Comments (4)
  1. Corky Freeman says:

    A prime example of political correctness.

  2. Read the field training reports. Any white male with same, would never sit in a squad car.

  3. “Noor pointed his service revolver at the head of a man involved in a minor traffic infraction.” Why was he not pulled from active duty after this? If they had to keep him as a PC token then he should have been given a desk job.

  4. Deport his murderin as. Opps . Too late? Oh well, all dem years a welfare an training was well spent, an we be puttin him on the full pension unlimited plan. His Cedar Riverside rep Mz Omar an da other Sharia Islamic Law makers should quick an pass a special law to protect these poor victims a discrimination like Mr Noor.

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