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Welcome to WCCO.com’s 2018 political guide!

We reached out to all Minnesota candidates running for U.S Senate, Governor, U.S Congress, Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Auditor this fall. Candidates were asked to provide a two-minute video discussing their platform as well as answer a set of our viewer’s questions.

Above is the video and below are the answers Dennis Schuller provided. This is not a paid advertisement nor does WCCO endorse any candidate.

Responses from Dennis Schuller, Legal Marijuana Now candidate for U.S Senate:

Do you support legalization of the recreational use of marijuana?

I support the right for a person to make their own decisions and suffer their own consequences not only should a person not be persecuted over some man made law about the cannabis plant but the plant should be held in high regard.

Do you believe that there should be a cap on how much money a candidate can spend on campaigning? If so, how much?

I think campaigns should only be allowed only to use state money all parties with an equal amount.

Should Minnesota approve restrictions on gun purchases and/or ownership? Bump stock ban? “Red flag” law to allow police to confiscate weapons from a person who is a danger to himself or others? Universal background check? Assault weapon ban?

No this does nothing to address the problem I agree there is a problem and people should not attack other people however if it isn’t a gun, than it is knife, or acid we need to be proactive about stopping the bad behavior.