MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A conservative group that’s part of the network run by Kansas billionaire Charles Koch is dropping another $1.3 million in the Wisconsin governor’s race.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin announced Friday it was launching a second ad targeting Tony Evers. It comes after the group spent $1.8 million on an ad in August.

Evers faces Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the November election.

The first Americans for Prosperity spot focused on Evers praising Walker’s state budget in 2017 as being kid friendly.

The latest ad argues the state can’t afford Evers because he’s promised to look at all options for road funding, including a higher gas tax and toll roads.

Walker has been open to both as well, but he says any gas tax increase would have to be offset with other cuts.

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  1. Please, people from the great State of Wisconsin don’t let this man be bought again. You all heard it the last time. He is a crookit as any politician in America. Be smart, you have always been a great blue state for years. Never voting for a Republican president for so many years, but they got to you last election and you have paid a terrible price. Teachers don’t want to come there. Workers don’t want to work there. The Packers players don’t want to play there. Many have told me so. Why should they Trump hates them. Wants to fire them all and that includes Rogers.

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