MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman has been charged with murder in the death of an infant she was reportedly babysitting in Brooklyn Center in March.

Police say the child’s mother dropped him off at 37-year-old Jennifer Baldwin’s home the morning of March 15. Baldwin told authorities the infant was acting normally until she laid him down to change him and noticed his eyes “would roll back” and he looked like he was “in a different world.”

The 9-month-old was subsequently transported to the hospital where he was treated for severe head injury. Despite lifesaving efforts, he suffered brain death and died March 20.

An autopsy revealed the baby was victim of a blunt force head injury, resulting in brain damage, oxygen and blood deprivation to the brain and contusions on the left part of his scalp and right ear.

Baldwin later told investigators she had handled the infant “aggressively” and “roughly” that day. She also admitted she had not taken her medications for anxiety and mood disorder that morning.

Baldwin had recently regained custody of her children from child protection.


  1. Maybe if property values weren’t so inflated, people would be able to take care of their own children.

    The whole housing market revolves around duel income and both parents working.

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