MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Sunday, the Basilica of St. Mary celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Archbishop Anthony Hebda delivered both morning masses to celebrate the occasion.

“It’s exciting, it’s an exciting time for the parish that we are bringing the parish together celebrating with all of our parishioners and the community,” Mae Desaire, the director of communications for the Basilica said.

The building itself isn’t 150 years old–it was built in 1913–but the parish community is 150.

Ken Libby is a parishioner at the lead usher at the parish. He loves everything about the community at the Basilica.

“You read about what the church, how the church started, as this little shed on the other side of the river, and you see what it’s come to today: An all-inclusive welcoming parish,” Libby said. “In a big city, in a major metropolitan area and it’s amazing. I don’t know of another word to describe it.”

He said that the Basilica just has something unique about it.

“You red about it in the news. So many churches or religious organizations that are downsizing or going away. To have one that has made it to 150 years and is thriving bigger and better than ever is truly incredible,” Libby said.


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