ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — Three people have been charged with murder in connection to the shooting of a Rochester man in early September.

Malcolm Woods, Darien Klindworth-Woods and Kielah Parsons have each been charged with two counts of second-degree murder after police say they believed the victim was involved in the hospitalization of their family member, who was the victim’s neighbor.

The original complaint states a man living at Bob’s Trailer Park in Rochester answered a knock on his door around 4 a.m. Sept. 10, and was subsequently fatally shot as he stood in the doorway.

According to the complaint, the victim’s mother told police the victim had been helping his disabled neighbor Rosetta Barnes with grocery shopping, general maintenance of her property and with taking her medication.

Two days before the incident, the victim reportedly went to Barnes’ residence to administer her medications. The victim told his mother that Barnes did not look well, but she refused to be taken to the the hospital.

The next day, a family member of Barnes called to have her transported to the hospital. Later that evening, six men arrived to the victim’s house, accusing him of providing illegal drugs to Barnes causing her to overdose. The family members also reported to police that they believed the victim was responsible for Barnes’ hospitalization and that they were concerned he had sexually assaulted her.

During the investigation, police discovered the three suspects — grandchildren of Barnes — had stopped at a local Kwik Trip after visiting Barnes in the hospital. There, Parsons acquired several plastic bags that authorities later determined had been warn on the hands and feet of Woods.

Surveillance video from the night of the murder shows a man with plastic bags on his hands and feet running from the scene.

According to court documents, a .40 caliber casing was found in the trailer where the victim was killed, and police say that particular gun was later sold in Mankato.

After they were placed under arrest, Parsons told police she and Klindworth-Woods had been in the vehicle while Woods went to the victim’s residence the day of the murder.

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  1. Thomas Martin says:

    This is why I never get involved with these people…grandmother or not.

  2. The days of neighbors helping neighbors are long gone… never get involved with those kind of people ever.

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