MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The northeastern Minnesota town of Gilbert is alerting residents that birds may be a bit more “tipsy” than normal this time of year.

According to Gilbert police, its received numerous reports of what look to be drunk birds “flying into windows, cars and acting confused.”

Police say the reason behind this is the fact that certain berries in the area have fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost. That, plus the fact that many birds have yet to migrate south, means more birds are feeling the effects than in past years.

Also, younger birds’ livers cannot handle the fermented berries as well as older birds.

Police say there’s no need to call law enforcement about the birds, as they should sober up in a short period of time.

Police did, however, offer up a list of hilarious circumstances where residents should call police. Check out the post below:

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  1. Michael Hansen says:

    This may disqualify them for a seat on the SCOTUS 37 years from now…

  2. I’m sure the democrats will demand an investigation of said birds…..