MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — School remains in session at Wayzata High School Wednesday as officials investigate a rumored school shooting threat that circulated on social media.

On Wednesday morning, Wayzata H.S. Principal Scott Gengler sent out a letter to parents alerting them to the situation.

Gengler says they are aware of a rumored school shooting threat that was circulating among some students on social media late Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

“An assessment of this threat was conducted by law enforcement in cooperation with district and high school administration,” Gengler said. “The threat was non-specific and school will remain in session according to its normal hours of operation.”

There will be increased supervision and police presence at the school Wednesday.

“Situations such as this are concerning and disruptive,” Gengler said. “The staff members at Wayzata High School are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all.”

Anyone with information is asked to call one of the school’s police liaison officers at Wayzata at 763-745-6725 or the general school switchboard at 763-745-6600.

Plymouth police and school officials are investigating the incident.