By Katie Steiner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Deer hunting season begins this weekend in Minnesota. Officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources say hunters will have more opportunities this year.

The DNR is expecting a half a million people to hunt his year, and lots are itching to get up in their stands. They can start a half an hour before sunrise tomorrow — at 7:24 a.m. (Sunrise is 7:54 a.m.)

The DNR says deer populations are continuing to rebound across the state, but they want hunters to keep three things in mind.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you shoot,
  • Control the muzzle of your gun, and
  • Make sure you know what is beyond your target.

Many came out to Capra’s Sporting Goods in Blaine to get ready for the next couple weeks of hunting season. Howard Seim has been hunting for more than 60 years, and this weekend he’s going out with his son and his grandson. It’s his favorite part about the sport.

“Being with family, and being outdoors, and we’ve been doing it for so many years. We enjoy it, being out there with everyone, glad we can be there,” Seim said.

If you are planning on heading out to hunt, make sure you check before you go. You might be hunting in a place that you need to have your deer checked by the DNR this weekend. Click here for maps of Chronic Wasting Disease sampling stations.

Katie Steiner