By Kate Raddatz

HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO) — Vice President Mike Pence was in western Wisconsin Saturday at a rally to support Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign just days before midterm elections.

The two appeared together at Valley Cartage Trucking Company in Hudson. The Democratic nominee for Wisconsin governor was in Hudson days earlier.

Tony Evers stopped by Hops and Barrel Brewing on Thursday during his six-day “Tour for Change” school bus tour across Wisconsin.

Heading into Election Day, the polls show a tight race between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic opponent Tony Evers, with Evers holding a slight lead.

If re-elected, Walker would be only the second governor in Wisconsin state history to serve a third term. He already made history by surviving a recall election in 2012.

“I’m here to ask for your help and your support and your prayers along the way, but I particularly need your help because this race is as close as it can be,” Walker said.

The governor was joined by Vice President Mike Pence, who landed in St. Paul before energizing voters in western Wisconsin.

He touted the number of new jobs created under Walker’s administration.

“Just three days away from a historic Election Day all across this state and all across this nation, and I am here to say Wisconsin and America need four more years of Gov. Scott Walker,” Pence said.

Altogether, the rally lasted about 40 minutes. Voters, of course, will make their final decisions on Tuesday at the polls.

Kate Raddatz

  1. Chuck McKown says:

    I’m hoping that using “democrat” as an adjective (twice) was an oversight. It should have been Democratic opponent, Using democrat as an adjective was started by Rush Limbaugh in a derogatory way.