MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Operating levies and bonding requests were ballot options Tuesday for voters in school districts across the state — including Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.

The bonds were focused on infrastructure, and operating levies are funds allocated for classroom needs, including teacher pay.

Operating levy requests stretched across 35 districts, including St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Minneapolis asked for a $490 increase through a referendum, and St. Paul sought a $475 increase. Both of those were approved.

In Duluth, a ballot question asking whether to extend that school district’s existing property tax referendum in the amount of $372 per pupil was approved, along with a proposal to increase its general education revenue by $575 per pupil.

  1. Mike Madison says:

    great…more school administration.
    wake up, people.
    education in minnesota is a black hole sucking your hard earned money from your wallet.