MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who has been accused of breaking into college residences while naked has been arrested, and is accused of further, similar crimes.

St. Cloud Police said they believe that unknown man, who in late October was reported to have walked into a St. Cloud State student’s residence and touched himself while unclothed, is 39-year-old Martin David Hutchins.

St. Cloud State sent out alerts last month warning students to lock their doors. Mackenzie Gerth told WCCO she took it a step further when texting her roommates.

“We’re already really good about locking our doors, making sure that our windows and everything is locked. I was like we just really need to make sure that we’re doing it. And I was like we should probably all sleep with our doors locked just so that no one can attempt to get in our room,” she said.

Police on Thursday said they connected their suspect in that incident to another one that happened on Oct. 19, and that the similarity in descriptions for both incidents led them to conclude Hutchins was a person of interest. He was taken into custody on Oct. 30.

Hutchins is currently being held at Hennepin County Jail, pending charges from the Stearns County Attorney’s Office.