ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Holidays mean a day off for many, but not for the St. Paul Police Department.

“We don’t get a break. The calls keep coming in, regardless of what day it is,” said Officer Jennifer Mink.

Luckily, visitors keep coming into headquarters as well. Each person, couple, or family shows up with a bag, tray, or even a slow cooker full of food.

“I’m out of words because it’s so, it’s just very amazing and unexpected,” Officer Mink said.

The delicious deliveries come courtesy of the #GraciousMob, an idea cooked up a few years ago by Lindsay Ferris where people bring in all the Thanksgiving staples to keep officers fed.

“I like to give back because I have received so much love in life, and this is a simple way to give back to people,” said Joan Perreult. She brought in her slow cooker filled with bratwurst and beans.

The department’s roll call room soon turned into a buffet.

(credit: CBS)

In between all the hearty food and delicious desserts was also a serving of kind words. Thank you cards were brought in for the officers, many of them written by children.

“Our job is to keep the city safe, and these community people safe, and it is a thankless job. We don’t expect anyone to say thank you or go out of their way,” said Officer Mink.

Bill Douglass, who brought in cheese and meats with his wife, Karen, said of the officers, “They give to us continually, at least this is a chance to give back to them.”

Based on the spread on the tables, this gift will keep on giving with possibly some leftovers.

“The citizens of St. Paul never cease to amaze me. They’re pretty awesome people,” said Officer Mink.

This is the fourth year in a row the Gracious Mob has fed St. Paul Police.

Jeff Wagner


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