By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 32-year-old Twin Cities man is facing charges after he allegedly tried to have sex with a woman while she slept. Additionally, investigators say he took video of the woman, and took videos of other women who didn’t know they were being recorded.

It was at Jeffrey Eldred’s Shoreview home where a woman told detectives the initial alleged crime happened.

The two had met through the dating website, Tinder, and went to his home after a night of drinking.

Too intoxicated to drive, she’d spent the night. That’s when she awoke to find Eldred videotaping her while attempting non-consensual sex. Later that morning, she used his computer to do some schoolwork when she discovered dozens of similar videos of Eldred and other women.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says other charges are possible if more victims are found.

“There are all sorts of pictures of a variety of women, naked and appear to be passed out or sleeping, and attempting to do sex acts with them,” explained Freeman.

One of those victims is from Bloomington and had dated Eldred on and off for the past year. Detectives uncovered evidence on Eldred’s cellphone which reveals that she, too, was secretly videotaped.

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According to the criminal complaint, this happened at least five times over the course of a year. Images show her sleeping and partially clothed, as Eldred performed different sex acts.

County Attorney Freeman was blunt, saying simply, “it’s disgusting!”

Eldred is charged in Hennepin County District Court with stalking and third-degree criminal sexual contact with an impaired and helpless victim.

While alcohol surely played a role, Eldred’s defense attorney, Tom Bauer, says criminal complaints don’t tell the full story.

“I suspect that this is not as scandalous as it appears at first blush,” said Bauer.

Eldred is free on bond from Ramsey County. Conditions of his release on the Hennepin County charges require electronic home monitoring, no alcohol use and no contact with his alleged victims.

In addition, he is to refrain from using a smartphone and accessing the internet.

  1. The Victim did ignore a lot of online safety tips for dating people from the internet. And it’s weird how she decided to do school work instead of calling the police to report waking up to him video taping sex while she was unconscious?